Alderholt Sunbeams Pre-school and Day Nursery
Alderholt Sunbeams Pre-school and Day Nursery

Sunbeams Policies and Procedures

Sunbeams keeps a full range of written policies and procedures up-to-date as required by OFSTED.  A parents copy of policies is available to parents when they book their child a place. A full list of policies is available below and available from the Nursery manager apon request.


Sunbeams operates under the following policies and procedures:


Safe guarding and promoting children’s welfare

  1. Children’s rights
  2.  Safeguarding children and child protection
  3.  Outings and events policy
  4.  Missing Child
  5.  Uncollected children
  6.  Settling-in policy and procedure
  7.  Nappy changing
  8.  Confidentiality and client access to records
  9.  Positive behavior management policy
  10. Use of mobile phones and cameras
  11. E-safety and social media
  12. Online Learning Journal – Tapestry – Parent Usage Policy  



Suitable people

2.1 Recruitment and selection policy

2.2 Security policy on disclosure of information

2.3 Induction, Supervision and Annual Appraisals of staff, volunteers and managers

2.4 Staff / Management communication policy

2.5 Student placements

2.6 Volunteer policy

2.7 Training policy

2.8 Managing staff absence policy


Suitable premises, environment and equipment

3.1 Risk assessment policy

3.2 Health and safety general standards

3.3 Fire safety and emergency evacuation

3.4 Recording and reporting of accidents, incidents and major incidents

3.5 Food Hygiene

3.6 Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious

3.7 First Aid

3.8 Administering medicines

3.9 No smoking

3.10 Selecting equipment and toy policy

  1. Sun Protection Policy

3.12 Sleep Policy



4.1 Admissions Policy

4.2 Financial Policy

4.3 Complaints Policy

4.4 Whistle blowing policy


Equal Opportunities

5.1 Special Needs Policy

5.2 Equal Opportunities Policy

5.3 Nutrition Policy

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