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Tapestry, your child's online learning journal

Learning Journals at Sunbeams

Sunbeams are happy to be using an online learning journal call Tapestry.

Learning Journals are a record of your children's development and time at Sunbeams. Tapestry is a secure system, parents are issued with passwords and can only access their own child's file.

Staff add weekly observations with photos and Tapestry allows parents to see them within minutes of the observation being taken.

Parents are also able to add observations to the journal themselves. This enables staff and parents to work closely to provide continuity of care and learning for the child.

Below is a document which explains how parents can access Tapestry and send observations which the Nursery Manager can then approve to be added to the child's learning journal.


What parents are saying about Tapestry

"I love seeing how busy she's been ."

"It's great to see all the lovely activities he takes part in."

"Good to see what a wonderful first day she has had"

"Lovely to see how imaginative they have been today at nursery."

"He tells me he's done 'nothing' at pre-school so it's nice to see what he's been up to."


This is

an example of an obseravtion 

parents will see of

their child on Tapestry

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