Alderholt Sunbeams Pre-school and Day Nursery
Alderholt Sunbeams Pre-school and Day Nursery

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In this section you can find out about our approach, the family room, the pre-school, our staff, food at sunbeams and how we work with parents.

The pre-school was founded in 1967 by a group known as Alderholt young wives, who were affiliated to the Mothers Union run by St James' church; the name ‘Sunbeams’ was given to the pre-school in September 1994.  After 38 years of running at the village hall Sunbeams relocated to it’s own classroom in the grounds of St. James' First School. With continued commitment to quality childcare and education the group strives to meet the needs of local families.


In 2012 we built an extension our Family Room which provides care for children aged from 5 months until they are old enough to join the pre-school room at around 3 years of age. Also in 2012 Sunbeams extended opening time to 50 weeks a year.


Sunbeams is a community pre-school managed by trustees (similar to school governors), who employ qualified and trained staff to run the pre-school day-to-day.

Sunbeams is a registered charity and a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance (PLA) and registered with OFSTED Early Years Directorate.


Being positioned on  the St. James First School site provides the children going to St. James with a smooth transition from Sunbeams to the reception class. However attendance at Sunbeams does not guarantee your child a place at St. James First School or mean that they are expected to attend there. Recently children from Sunbeams have gone on to Fordingbridge, Cranborne, Forres Sandle Manor, Breamore and Western Downland primary schools.



"I have loved every minute at Sunbeams and will be sad to leave.  I'm glad that I will still be able to see you when I go to big school" - Matthew

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Opening hours:

Monday - Friday

7.45am - 6pm

50 weeks per year

@ St James' First School

Park Lane







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